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AFC Wimbledon v Mansfield
Aldershot v Barrow AFC
Aldershot v ETUFC
Aldershot v Southport
Aldershot v Woking
Arsenal v Tottenham
Barnet v Torquay
Brentford v Bolton
Brentford v Bristol City
Brentford v Charlton
Brentford v Derby
Brentford v Huddersfield
Brentford v QPR
Brentford v Rotherham
Brentford v Stoke
Brentford v Walsall
Charlton v Chelsea
Chelsea U21 v Derby U21
Chelsea U21 v Manchester United
Chelsea v Dinamo Zagreb
Chesea U21 v Feyenoorde
Crystal Palace v Crewe
Crystal Palace v Fulham
Crystal Palace v Walsall
Epsom Derby
Fulham v Brentford
Fulham v Ipswich
Gillingham v Sheffield
Hurlingham Pro-Am
London Ride
Millwall v Crewe
Millwall v Nottingham Forest
Millwall v Stockport
Millwall v Wimbledon
Oxford Bumps
QPR v Blackburn
QPR v Cardiff City
QPR v Rotherham
Reading v Coventry
Reading v Wigan
Rushden v Dover
Rushden v Scarborough
Southampton v Blackburn
Swindon v Cardiff
West Ham v Blackburn Rovers
Wimbledon v Crystal Palace
Woking FC v Dover
Woking v Aldershot Town
Woking v Alfreton
Woking v Eastleigh
Woking v Kidderminster
Woking v Oxford City FA Trophy
Woking v Westfield
Wycombe v Wigan
Wycombe v Wolves
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